Saturday, June 30, 2012

Paper Daughter by Jeanette Ingold

One lie leads to another lie and all of a sudden you have weaved a web.  Is that how the quote goes? I picked up Paper Daughter to read thinking it was about a girl following in her father's footsteps in to newspaper journalism. It is to a point until Maggie takes on a summer intern job with the Herald, the local newspaper.    Her father is hit by a car and dies just a few weeks before the intern job is to begin. During her intern position Maggie is assigned to assist Harrison to track down a story. In tracking down the story she realizes her father was in the same neighbor as a killing.  Is her father invovled? Why was he in the part of town? Maggie wants to find out and undercovers more then she expected. 
Read the story, I enjoy it. A quick view into the newspaper business, an insiders look.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Girl in Blue written by Ann Rinaldi

Ever since a guest speaker from Mosby Heritage Association came to school, I have really been hooked on the Civil War or the War Between the States! I live very close to where the battle of Bull Run took place 150 years ago as well as the reenactment last summer. Girl in Blue is the 3rd book I have read about girls enlisting in the Army to fight during the Civil War.  The other 2 books were non fiction where this book is a fictional story based on an actual person from Michicgan who fought in the Civil War. This story was based on Sara Emma Edmonds.  I love American History, what is taught in schools doesn't due our history justice. Only bits ans pieces are taught. I can't say I ever heard about women enlisting in the Civil War or the Revloutionary War either for that matter.

This is definitely a historical fiction story, Sarah is a strong lady of character, escapes her father's abusive hands.  How does she hide her identity to join up! Read the book to find out. 

between shades of gray by Ruta Sepetys

Wow!, What I didnn't learn in US History class, probably because it wasn't really US History but it would have been good to have been given a heads up that more happened during WWII the Hitler and the Nazis!!!

This occureed in Lithuania June 1941. How could so many people disappear and no one in the US know about it.  Did it really take until the bombing of Pearl Harbor for the eyes of the US governement  to be opened wide? I had to explain to my children that their brother who has been diagnosed with Aspergers' Syndrome that he would have been taken by the Nazis and who knows what torment he would have gone through because of his learning disability. Now to think people from the Baltic countries just disappered from their homes, imprisoned for years under the worst living conditions.

Read between shades of gray,  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ophelia and Abby Mystery series by Shirley Damsgaard

Summer School began today. Yes, I am 'teaching' summer school. The library was quiet but I am certain tomorrow will be different until the end of summer school in August. The day begins at 8 am  and goes until 1 pm, a  long day for students in class.
I found this series a few years back. I kept up with series but after awhile I couldn't find the next book in the series until just recently when I was looking for another book in a different series. This a good enjoyable series, I hope the 8th book comes out soon.

Witch way to Murder-Ophelia had turned away from the ‘gift’. Ophelia has dreams and it will take her dreams to solve the murders and thefts. Charmed to Death-Ophelia's friend is murdered, did she 'see' the murder and how is Gus' death related or not?
The Trouble with Witches-Ophelia has been asked to use her psychic abilities to find a girl that has gone missing
Witch Hunt-Ophelia is beginning to embrace her 'talents' and takes in Tink
The Witch is Dead-Ophelia want to adopt Tink but there is a murder to solve and Tink is kidnapped why?
The Witch's Grave-Ophelia is attracted to a book author but he gets shot by who and why is it possible Ophelia was the target?
The Seventh Witch- focuses around Abby and life in the NC mountains

I was attracted to this series because of the 'witch' craft, healing, and mind readings and also Ophelia is a witch but she is a librarian by vocation. It's a nice comforting series to read. A good summer read. Enjoyable! I'll be returning the last 2 books in the series to the library tomorrow.

tofu quilt by Ching Yeung Russell

This book is written in free verse. I enjoy reading free verse, at times I think I read free verse to quickly but that is also the reason why I like reading free verse. Make sense? 
Tofu Quilt is what I would call a multicultural book. It is a book written about experiences in Hong Kong and China.  As I read the book I could see some of the same experiences I had reflected in the poems. I grew up in a small New Jersey town but still had the same kinds of experiences as the author had in her town, especially the school experiences.

From Tofu Quilt:

my books

My friends often tease me,
because I spend all my money
on books
nothing else.
They say,
"After you read them,
they are useless and will be covered with dust!'

I make covers for all the books I own,
fearing I will mess them up while I am reading them.
My friends ask," Why do you do it?
They're just books." 

But my friends don't know
my books are my world,
my best companions.
their stories make me cry,
make me laugh,
make me wonder,
and dream
that someday Iwill
read my own book.

This entry in Tofu Quilt speaks to me about  why I enjoy reading.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Quick and the Thread & The Long Stitch Good Night by Amanda Lee

As I have said I am into mysteries all of a sudden. Especially if I can relate to the location or subject of the mystery. This series I have been reading is An Embroidery Mystery. I have read four in the series. I am pulled to this series because it is focused on Marcy a one time accountant turned shop keeper. Marcy opened a shop for her interest in embroidery and she offers all kinds of classes. She is the 'investigator' and keeps the police informed of any leads she finds. The latest in the series, The Long Stitch Good Night, I read I thought I knew who the murderer was but at the end there was a twist. I didn't suspect Charles!

I was not always a librarian like Marcy I have changed my career but still within the education field. If you are into embroidery and crafting this is a good series to read. The first in the series is The Quick and the Thread #1, enjoy. Oh an if you love Irish grey hounds you will love Angus.

The Long Stitch Good Night- #4
What is Marcy up to now! She has a new interest in Irish embroidery, that's good for her, she can offer classes in the Irish embroidery.  It's St. Patrick's Day, how is Marcy involved with the murder at Todd's bar? Or maybe she isn't? Who dun it?

Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood

I have enjoyed reading mysteries. Not so the deep meaningful kind but the quick read pleasurable reads. I can read them quickly and carry them with me when I get kept waiting in an office.
In Fire and Ice, Sophie Rose is the daughter of Bobby Rose a supposedly notorious big time thief sought after by the Chicago Police.  Sophie writes for a local small time Chicago paper. She is asked to interview a guy running his 25th 5K marathon. He has told Sophie he is involved in a 'Alpha' project. She doesn't understand the relevance to the marathon. But William disappears, doesn't run the marathon but disappears off the face of the earth, cell phone  and web page are no longer working or online.  Sophie has issues with the police and FBI because of her father but some how she has Jack MacAlister (he is FBI) as a body guard when she goes to Prudhoe Bay to find out what happened to William in Alaska. So what did happen to William and how did Kelly's Root Beer employees lose all their retirement money?? Lots of turns and twists with a good dose of romance.

Monday, June 18, 2012

the Serpent's Shadow- Rick Riordan

It's the 3rd book in the Kane Chroniles series. It's Sadie and Carter's mission to find the shadow and restore Ma'at. Apophis is causing all kinds of trouble. Gods are disapperaring and Magicians are divided. I won't spoil the book by saying it is the conclusion of the Kane Chronicles. But is it really? the end to Sadie and Carter's adventures.

Wine Country Mystery- Ellen Crosby

The Merlot Murders, 2006

The Chardonnay Charade, 2007

The Bordeaux Betrayal, 2008

The Riesling Retribution, 2009

The Viognier Vendetta, 2010

The Sauvignon Secret, 2011

I read them all in order. I enjoyed the mysteries because of the location of the stories. I love reading about the areas I have visited and know. It is like revisiting the area all over again.

Lucie Montgomery becomes the sole owner of her family's winery that is not doing well financially.  She has a cranky vintner named Quinn Santori from California. Whom she thinks is hiding something but has a major crush on. You know sometimes you can pick out the murderer I couldn't there was always a twist that i didn't count on. The series was recommended to me and I enjoyed each one. I am glad Lucie got her man, tall, dark and dangerous. 

Reading for the summer

Its been hectic these past few weeks.  I have to say I am glad school is out for summer break. I will be teaching summer school but as the librarian not a classroom teacher. Should be good.  My own personal reading have been off. Sometimes reading too much just is that too much.  I did organize a guest speaker for school this spring. He was from the Mosby Heritage Association. After listening to him for 2 days he got my curiosity up about women in the Civil War. I have read 2 books how women took up arms for both the North and South to fight for their side.
They Fought Like Demons-Blanton, Deanne this book opened my eyes to women in battle on both sides. Some were recognized and other shunned.
Another book I read during the SOL testing, it was a quick read with lots of pictures, I found it in my school library. I'll Pass for Your Comrade- Anita Silvey. I read this book first which then took me to the other book.

I have read other books which I will add as other entries. It was a busy school year for me even with an assistant and a 2nd librarian. I really can't believe the school district actually paid either a salary. She or I should say both were unprofessional all year. The most I can say about the 2nd librarian was she came up with ideas for bulletin boards, read lots of magazine so she and the assistant could talk about the latest goings on in Hollywood, created jewelry patterns and weeded the non ficiton collection.  It was pathetic to see her feet up on the desk as she read books during SOL testing. I really can't come up with anything she really did all year that really earned her a pay check. There were days when both of them chatted from beginning of the day to the end of the day. And they both looked exhausted at the end of the day. I figured if I worked this hard with the 2 of them there, I could work just as hard by myself in an elementary school. In my district most elementary schools only have 1 librarian. I know I can work in an elementary library, isn't that what I did this past school year work alone!  A good example; 3rd quarter I was working on over due notices to put into report cards, she actually sent a student to me to assist in finding a book and the other librarian continued her chat with the assistant. When asked to collaborate on the end of year report she added 1 sentence about weeding the non fiction collection. She was a public library librarian she should have kept the job because she isn't a school librarian.  I'll keep looking and hoping for a elementary school librarian position within my district.  I'll really don't want to go through the interview process again.