Monday, October 10, 2011

Killing Lincoln by O'Reilly & Dugard

This being the 150Th anniversary of the Civil War/Battle of Manassas, this book was quite interesting to read. I especially liked the early part of the book detailing Grant surrounding Lee in the center of the state of Virginia forcing Lee to surrender at Appomattox. Over the summer I read 'Chasing Lincoln's Killer'. This book and the 'Killing Lincoln' are so similar in text it was like reading 'Chasing .... all over again. When detailing Lincoln's assassination the facts don't change from book to book. The O'Reilly book perhaps more historic with more details then Chasing Lincoln's Killer is worth reading. Even for the facts bringing end to the Civil War, Lee and Grant. Also how so many of our nations early soldiers in command actually went to West Point together but also fought on the same side during the Mexico War. Then divide over states rights and slavery.

Intriguing is how so many knew each other connected by war or just coincidences?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick

When I read Hugo, I had to share it with my students. Hugo doesn't stay on the shelf in the library at school. There is a waiting list (holds) for this book. I am afraid this will happen when I take my copy of Wonder Struck to school. I stayed up last night to finish reading the book. I was pulled through the book. The more I read about Ben wanting to find his Dad, the more the pictures of the deaf girl seeking answers pulled me through the book.

I attended the National Book Festival had Mr. Selznick autograph my copy but I also attended his presentation. I knew from listening to the presentation, Ben and the girl would meet up. When? and How? that you need to read the book to find out. I hope my students will enjoy Wonder Struck as much as I did.

I am from NY, Long Island to be exact. I have been to the American Museum of Natural History several times but not to the Queens Art Museum. I plan to do both again over Thanksgiving break. I attended the world's Fair back in 1963-64 but don't remember seeing the Panorama of NYC. I hope to be awed and amazed again.

Enjoy Wonder Struck and if you haven't read Hugo you need to pick up the book before seeing the movie.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

hold still by Nina LaCour

Do you keep a journal? Ingrid did. Ingrid slips it under Caitlin's bed. Why would Ingrid do that, was it her way to say good bye? They were best friends. Caitlin learns through Ingrid's journal to live again making friends.