Monday, April 2, 2012

Paperquake by Kathryn Reiss

Just like San Francisco Earthquake 1906, Paperquake in the past takes place during the 1906 earthquake but in present day takes place during a more recent earthquake in the Oakland/ San Francisco area. Violet dreams of earthquakes, children running and being scared, why does she have the dreams, and what could be causing the dreams? Her parents purchase another store in San Francisco for their business, as Violet and her sisters clean the store they find letters addressed to 'V'. How do the letters help the children in the past but also bring comfort to Violet. Violet uncovers information that helps her write her science report but also solves the mystery of the letters and diary.

Its about time traveling, magic and earthquakes. A good mystery solved by Violet. Bringing yesterday into the present.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

San Francisco Earthquake 1906 by Kathleen Duey

Inventory was taken at the school library the last week in January. I found so many good books that students have ignored in favor of the latest greatest new book that has been published lately. Including the Hunger Games series which I first read about 3 years. I know the movie hype is why all of a sudden people are looking to read the novel. Hopefully it will keep teens reading. There is a world of books on book shelves that are just as good as Hunger Games, with real believable characters. So keep reading.

I have read San Francisco Earthquake 1906 because I saw it sticking itself out on the book shelf at school the other day. I saw the word 'earthquake' in the title which is another reason why I took the book to look at and brought it home to read. I finished reading Paperquake by Kathryn Reiss perhaps that is why I brought home the other book to read. On the spine of this book was the label romance perhaps that is why I brought home the book to read. I read many romance novels especially after I have read so many young adult books. San Francisco Earthquake didn't come across to me as a romance as much as a mystery. Yes Sierra develops a puppy love crush on one of the guys staying at the hotel but its her life that captured me. How she struggled by herself to make a life for herself but also about the dreams she has and yearns to happen. Sierra realizes the guy she crushed on was a dandy. Praying on the rich wealthy ladies to get ahead.

You need to read the book to find out Sierra helps the Harlans and getting the guy of her dreams.
I hope when I take the book back to school that I can encourage a student to read it.

The book was published in 1999 but worth looking for in the library as well as Paperquake written by Kathryn Reiss.