Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lightning Thief written by Rick Riordan

It seems every country has a different cover for the book. The American book cover version has hints about the story, its good to be able to glance at the cover as you read the book. What is good this book has a good ending but also takes you into the 2nd part of the Percy Jackson series. I really like this book, for one reason it does take place on Long Island (NY). I have driven out to Montauk. There are many places where the strawberry field can be as well as Camp Half Blood. There are places on Long Island where you can stand up to view the Long Island Sound and even hear it roar. Is it a place only visible to the demi gods?
I didnt pay much attention to mythology when I was a student in school. I think this would be a great book to have students read as they study mythology either it be in middle school, high school or even college.
This is book 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians with the movie to be released on February 12th. Does Percy get a quest? Who is the cause of the quest? Who are is traveling companions?
Enjoy the book, it is refreshing, to read a book that I can recommend to students without having to give them a warning if there are parts not suitable for them to read. Read the book and enjoy the movie.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Last Book in the Universe written by Rodman Philbrick

I read the story,"The Last Book in the Universe" by Rodman Philbrick. It takes place over two-hundred years in the future after "the shake", an earthquake or volcanic eruption that leaks toxic waste on Earth and destroys everything. Society is rebuilt and there are two kinds of people: the "normals", which are the poorer, lower class, and the "proovs", which are the upper class that have been genetically engineered to be perfect. The proovs live in Eden, a perfect society surrounded by a circular zone of poverty. The normals live in latches in the zone of poverty. Spaz, one of the normals, is on his way to steal from another normal named Ryter. Spaz is a young boy that suffers from epilepsy and is sent away from his family because his father is afraid that Spaz's condition will harm his little sister, Bean. Ryter is very poor, old and thin with white hair, a long beard and shiny eyes and he spends his time writing. When Spaz learns that Bean is dying, he goes to visit her and Ryter offers to go with him to protect him on the dangerous journey since they eventually become friends. Along the way, Spaz and Ryter meet a beautiful proov named Layana who helps them complete the journey to reach Bean, and Layana offers to take Bean to Eden to try to cure her. Layana is able to help save Bean, but Spaz, Bean, and Ryter are forced to leave Eden because it is against the rules for normals to go to Eden. This is a great book because it is suspenseful. It is an awesome adventure that I can imagine being part of. Another reason I like the book is because it is interesting to imagine how different our society could be in the future. I recommend this book to people who like adventurous and suspenseful books.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tempted- P C Cast + Kristin Cast

I am reading this HoN novel now, I believe I am into Chapter 4. This is the 6th book in the HoN series. This isnt the Twilight series! Enjoy the series.

I have finished reading Tempted.The ending was a surprise and upsetting for me. It certainly wasnt what I expected but probably had to happen. From the beginning there are secrets that have between Zoey and Stevie Ray. Zoey has banished Kalona and Neferet from Tulsa. Zoey and Stark are recovering the fledglings are having problems dealing with the fail out caused by Neferet. Zoey is haunted by A-ya and Kalona in her dreams.

With this going on Stevie Ray has super red vamp powers. She is keeping a Raven Mocker hidden from Zoey and everyone. The dead undead vamps are causing her problems.

Why does Zoey need to travel to Italy? Will Kalona be finally out of her dreams? Who is her protector, boyfriend, warrior? Stark, Heath or Erik.

Stevie Rae imprinted with a Raven Mocker , Rephaim.

Royal Blood written by Ellen Schreiber

Royal Blood is the 6th book in the Vampire Kisses series.
Get to know Alexander and his parents, Cassandra and Constantine in Royal Blood.
Raven is going to get a chance to meet Alexander's parents. But why all of a sudden are Alexander's parents in Dullsville? Why have Alexander's parents been to see a real estate agent? Why does Constantine feel Alexander's talent for painting just a hobby?

Read Royal Blood written by Ellen Schreiber