Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Loser written by Jerry Spinelli

Loser by Jerry Spinelli was very difficult for me to read. I read the entire book hoping by chance that in the end Zinkoff would not be known as a loser. What a terrible word or name for a child to be called. I am glad that none of my children had to read this book as a classroom novel or even found this book in the library. My heart broke over and over for this little boy. I am not certain if this book was read by middle schoolers that they would see a message in the book, this would be a book read by high school students or even adults hoping they would see themselves as they were in middle school or elementary school.

eat pray love written by Elizabeth Gilbert

eat pray love definitely a different for me to read. Elizabeth spent a year or so trying to find herself. going to Europe, India and Asia always seeking to find herself. I am not certain at the end of the book if she really ever found herself but she did find love. maybe that is what she was looking for all the time.

saving graces written by elizabeth edwards

saving graces is a autobiography written by elizabeth edwards herself. it is about the people who entered her life all those she considered family. the many many people from early childhood right up to her death. each person she cherished their friendship.

we get to know her children Wade and Cate, Wade's life cut short at 16 but her daughter Cate right up to the time of Mrs. Edwards death. The two youngest we get to know just alittle. Her husband John she loved so dearly, a soul mate.

I cried with her throughout the book. As a mom it was tough not to feel her pain and her joys. I can't imagine what it must feel like to know you are leaving behind children, knowing you will not know how their life will turn out. 'you know'

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ranger's Apprentice: The Burning Bridge

Book 2
With war threatening the borders of Araluen, apprentice ranger Will is sent on a diplomatic mission to Celtica. With him are Gilan, his master's first apprentice, and his friend Horace, a battle school apprentice. Expecting a routine journey, the three are unprepared for what they find. The villages of Celtica are deserted, and brigands wander the hills in search of abandoned treasure. The country is also crawling with Wargals, the fighting beasts that are under control of their enemy Morgorath. When a mysterious woman appears at their camp with the news that Morgorath has been abducting villagers, the three boys stumble across a plan that threatens their country and the lives of the people they love. What happens to Will ? Does Halt find Will and the King's daughter unharmed? Now to read Book 3 to find out.