Sunday, May 16, 2010

Twilight- the graphic novel

If you read the novel by Stephenie Meyer this is a new look at the Twilight as a graphic novel. I have read the novel and saw the movie, the graphic novel is another take on Twilight. It is a new take on the Twilight series. Enjoy the graphic novel.

The View from Saturday written by E L Konigsburg

How did Mrs. Olinski,select 4 students to be on her sixth grade Academic Bowl team? Who are the Souls?
Noah, who became best man at Ethan's grandmother and Nadia's grandfather's wedding
Nadia a hybrid
Ethan, silent second son of one of Epiphanny's oldest families
Julian, the strangest person on the school bus, who starts everything by invint the others to a tea party.

The Books of Ember written by Jeanne DuPrau

This a series of 3 books.
the first being The City of Ember; people are living in the city. The city is running out of resources, some thing needs to be done to fix the problem before ember goes totally dark forever. The people of ember realize they are under ground in a 'shelter' kind of thing.
Once they are above ground that is where The People of Sparks begins. The people of Ember need a new life to begin over above the ground. The people of Sparks and Ember together create a 'new' village. The final book is The Prophet of Yonwood. In this book Crystal and her niece Nickie travel to Yonwood. There purpose was to clean out and sell the house Crystal's father lived in. The prophet supposedly is telling the citizens how to live, what to do because sinners are the problem. Nickie is receiving postcards from her father. He is on a job that is secretive. Her Dad is sending her clues where he is at, but what was he doing for all this time. In the end what does Nickie find out, Crystal does she move from NJ, does Grover graduate from high school. This last book in the series answers all your questions.
But wait I read the fourth book of Ember The Diamond Of Darkhold. In this last and final book Doon and Lina travel back to Ember. Doon was able to get a book from a roamer that sparked his interest in returning to Ember. Ember had stuff that the people of sparks could use to survive and also to trade but there was something else but what was it? Doon and Lina found this special item that changed the people of Sparks. Read the final book and revisit with Hoyt McCoy.

13 Little Blue Envelopes written by Maureen Johnson

13 envelopes got delivered to Ginny. Ginny doesn't know who sent the package but she knows she needs to fulfill her aunt's dream. Ginny needs to go on the adventure. First by opening the first envelope on the plane to London. Ginny's first stop is London to find a friend of Aunt Peg's. Each envelope will lead Ginny to a situation she must act on.
Take the adventure with Ginny. Meet the people with her some are interesting others captivating.

The Woman Warrior written by Maxine Hong Kingston

When I picked this book up to read, it was because my son needed assistance with a class assignment. So I dreaded reading the book. I read for pleasure not because I have to and there are genres I don't like to read.
This book I really did enjoy. First it is about women in China; how they are treated, what their value is in the Chinese culture and coming to America. Each of the 5 chapters are related but probably could stand alone. No Name Woman, she commits suicide because she is pregnant with another man's child. No Name was shunned by family because of her pregnancy. Shaman, Brave Orchid trains as a midwife (doctor), she is strong and rids the dorm of 'ghosts'. White Tigers is the telling of Mulan (Disney film). The bravery of her to fight the Warlords. At the Western Palace, Brave Orchid is in America. She and her family own a laundry business she brings her sister over from China, Moon Orchid. Moon Orchid is frail not as strong as Brave Orchid. Its sad Brave orchid has a husband in the States but he doesn't recognize her, wont accept her as his wife. He wants her to go away, he has new life and new wife. Moon Orchid cant accept her fate and needs to be committed to a home. The final chapter A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe, this has the daughter's skin near the tongue cut so she wont get tongue tied. The daughter picks on a shy Chinese girl because she doesn't speak.

I enjoyed the book, I had read a book like this in along time. I am glad I did.