Monday, December 21, 2009

The London Eye Mystery written by Siobhan Dowd

Salim disappears after taking a ride on the London Eye. How did he get pass his cousins and aunt and mother. Why did Salim want to disappear? How did his cousins solve the mystery of Salim's disappearance?
This is another story, novel that I enjoyed reading. I didn't solve the mystery before the cousins. The story doesn't drag keeps moving as the cousins track down all possibilities of Salim's disappearance.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Viola in Reel Life written by Adriana Trigiani

I have read other books written by Adriana, I used to live in Wise County where her books brought me right back to Big Stone Gap and the life style. Where coal trains closed the street down, because the train was 50 or more coal cars long.

I really liked this book. It was a great story about a girl, Viola, needs to go to boarding school because her parents are off to Afghanistan to make a documentary film. As school begins in September Viola has already made up her mind she wouldn't be happy at PA. Until she meets her roommates. Read about Viola's first year at PA. Enjoy the story, I did. What is unusual for me as I read this book, the year school is 2009 into 2010. Our present and future for Viola.

The Hunger Games written by Suzanne

I read this book because the students at school kept asking for the book and placing it on hold. My school had a book fair so I bought a copy. I basically knew the story line but wanted to read the book looking for more. I had to drag myself to finish reading the book. It wasn't exciting enough to pull me through it, to want me to keep reading it. In some places it got to descriptive for me.
I finished the book on Friday and will be taking it to school for students to read. I just don't understand the attraction to the book. The setting is a time beyond civilization as we know it. Two kids are chosen from every district (there are 12 districts) and they compete for survival. The 2 kids chosen are from a lottery in their home districts, they are pampered and treated to all kinds of food and living while they are trained, interviewed and on display for all to see. Once the Hunger Games begin they are watched and tracked by a probe that was inserted into them prior to the beginning of the games. The last tribute to survive wins but the rules change when only 4 tributes are left.
I have spoken to a few students and they liked the book and can't wait to read Catching Fire the second book in the trilogy. Read the book you decide about the book.