Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Doll People

The Doll People- Ann Martin and Laura Godwin
Illustrated by Brian Selznick

The family living in the doll house comes alive when the Palmer’s are gone for the day or sleeping at night. They have a cat named Captain that they need to watch out for because he loves to ‘play’ with Doll family. Annabelle is bored because she can only be in the doll house. Annabelle explores the doll house only to find Aunt Sarah’s journal. In the journal Annabelle reads of the adventures Sarah has taken. Sarah’s adventures take her away from the doll house. But Sarah has been missing for 45 years and now Annabelle has a mission to find Aunt Sarah and bring her home.
Kate is 8 years old and plays with the Doll family in their doll house. Kate has a sister that loves to terrorize the Doll Family by bringing over the Rancher Family. Nora has the Doll family riding horses and cows throughout the doll house. Soon it is Nora’s birthday. Nora gets a doll house and family of her own. Soon the Funcraft family comes to visit the Doll Family. Tiffany Funcraft and Annabelle become friends. Annabelle shares Aunt Sarah’s journal with Tiffany. The 2 girls plan a mission to rescue Aunt Sarah and bring her home. But some one has been adding to Aunt Sarah’s journal. Who? The added entries into the journal give Annabelle and Tiffany a clue to look in the attic. The girls climb up into the attic where they find Aunt Sarah with her dress stuck under the truck. The next night the girls return bringing the families back to help get Sarah’s dress out from underneath the trunk. But how do they get Aunt Sarah back to the doll house?