Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Underneath written by Kathi Appelt

I needed tissues for this book. It broke my hear in the opening pages reading that someone would actually drop off a cat in the middle of now where, leaving it with no food and no family, alone and abandoned. It brought back memories I remember my Mother dropping off boxes of kittens out in the middle of now where on someones farm. Hoping they would be taken care of, I knew then it was cruel. But I guess my Mom didn't have another solution at the time.

The calico cat was brave and strong. She found Ranger a blood hound tied up at the tilting house and together they became a family. After a bit of time the calico cat gave birth to 2 kittens. They became a family. GarFace, Ranger's owner, lived in the tilting house, mean and angry person. This is one story running through the book, you need to read and follow the other stories that run through the book. The Underneath is the title, is the underneath safe?

This is another Virginia Reader's Choice book for the new school year (2010).

breathe a ghost story written by Cliff Mc Nish

Let me say right off, I usually don't read ghost stories or books that might scare me. I know I know, but it goes back many years when I was terribly scared by ghost stories told to me by a relative. I wont even watch a horror movie at night for fear it will creep me out all night. Laugh but at my age I am still not over the ghost story told to me all those years ago.

Okay now that that is out of the way, breathe is a good read, I wouldn't call it a ghost story but a paranormal story. Jack can feel, hear and see ghosts. He actually looks for them in the house. He knows the ghosts are there he needed to find them. He does find the ghost children and a Ghost Mother. Read the book, follow the children do they get to cross over to the other side where their loved ones are waiting?

This is a Virginia Readers Choice book for the new school year.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All of the Above written by Shelley Pearsal

I was attending a conference last week when this book was talked about. I really didn't know anything about the book so I was pleased to know it was a book about a math class trying to get into the Guinness world book of records. You need to read the book to find out if the class made in into the book. Its the beginning of school and already the math teacher is feeling the frustrations of teaching math. But he comes up with an idea to have a contest.Looking at the cover you might be able to guess what the contest object was but really the book isn't about the contest without the weaving of the students lives within the contest. Read the story, what college word would you use to describe the students attitude.

This book is a 3 tissue book or more. I felt the lives of the students, the good the bad and the ups and downs. It is a quick read, the lives of the kids in the book pushes you further and further into the story. Then all of a sudden the back cover is all that is left.

This is a Virginia Readers Choice book, enjoy it, I did and I am not a math wiz.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Girl Who Could Fly written by Victoria Forester

This is a different book, not what I expected. Actually I didn't have any idea what this book was about. Even as I was reading the book it was a strange book to follow. The title gives away the fact that Piper Mc Cloud can fly. She is taken from her family to a secret area where there are other children with special abilities. This area also includes any creature or plant that is different is at this facility. The goal of this special area to to correct the strangeness. To make all the children and other specimens 'normal'. There is an escape plan but who gets out and is it successful.
Its a good read but tough to keep pushing yourself through the book.

*this is a Virginia Choice Reader book

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grim Tuesday written by Garth Nix

This is the second book in The Keys to the Kingdom series. Poor Arthur gets no rest. He thought he would have at least a year off. But something strange is happening at home, a for sale sign is going up. The next day brings new challenges with his new enemy Grim Tuesday. Tuesday threatens the safety of Arthur's family and world. Arthur must get the second key to save everything. To find out what adventure Arthur must do and travel to you must read Grim Tuesday.

I like the series but it is full of description, to be honest Itend to skim over. I wish less description and more of a storyline.