Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Killing Kennedy by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugan

I read Killing Lincoln and loved the book. Now that I have read Killing Kennedy. I learned more about the Kennedy days before and during his time in office. I do remember the days Kennedy was assassinated. I was 7 years old but remember how quiet my home was and watching TV all weekend as his funeral readied, listening to Walter Conkrite. Its another  one of those days you remember forever, same as the space shuttle tragedy and remembering the World Trade Towers tragedy.  We all ready have a generatin of students who do not know of the World Trade Towers and Pentagon bombings.
I knew of some of Kennedy's history but not the issues with LBJ and Oswald.  My copy of Killing Kennedy is being donated to my school library, I do agree with the author this is a book to read. It is a easy and quick read. My question if anyone can answer it, is Lisa Weihl or Martin Dugard any relation to the people O'Reilly mentioned in the book.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

MacKayla Lane Series

by Karen Marie Moning
Book 1- DarkFever
Book 2- BloodFever

I am waiting on the next book in the series.  Patiently.

Inn Boonsboro Trilogy

by Nora Roberts
Book 1- The Next Always
Book 2-The Last Boyfriend
Book 3- The Perfect Hope

What really drew me to this series besides that it is Nora Roberts and the the Inn Boonsboro began Pre Civil War it is a 'ghost living at the Inn as the brothers are renovating the hotel.  First the ghost was a breeze and a scent then it began to 'talk' and move items as well as make appearances.  With this 'ghost' making appearances the 3 brothers Beckett, Owen, and Ryder continue to renovate the Inn.  This trilogy is a romance so who get which brother? All 3 are good reads and I love the paranormal within the trilogy.  
Enjoy the trilogy, I did.