Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shattered by Sarah N. Harvey

March is angry, her boyfriend is cheating on her. She pushes him away. He falls and hits his head, March calls 911 and Tyler is alive. Guilt comes over March, she is beautiful, smart and perfect in many ways. She changes cuts her hair, tosses away her contacts, changes the color of her hair gets a job at a downtown store selling novelty items. March is worried, will Tyler forgive her, will he come out of his coma and can she tell him she is the one that pushed him and left him after she called 911.

I enjoyed this fast paced book. Gets you thinking about guilt, responsibility and changes to be made.

Powerslide by Jeff Ross

I know nothing about skateboarding but I did learn alot by reading Power slide. Casey is asked to be a stunt double for an actor making a skateboarding movie. Casey is challenged by Goat to see who is the best at skateboarding. The actor, Jack, wants to learn techniques of skateboarding as the other two challenge each other at different venues. Does Casey do the stunts for Jack? Is the movie made?

I went along for the ride and enjoyed the book.

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

His name is Bruiser Why? because he gets into fights with his peers? because is drunken Uncle beats him? Hmmm! Bronte has a date with Bruiser. Tennyson her brother is concerned that Bruiser might hurt her, why? Bruiser has welts, bruises, and other injuries to his body but how did he get all those marks? Bruiser is tall and strong so what is the issue?

So many issues and questions you need to read the book to find the answers to who, what, why and how. Keep a tissue close at hand.

I liked this book. It was a summer read for me so I could book talk it with my students when they visit the library. Now I'm back to school and sharing really good books with my students.