Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Storm Runners by Roland Smith

This is a cliff hanger and now I need to read the next book in the trilogy.This is the 2nd book of Roland Smith's I have read. I thought it was more like reading about storm chasers we see on the Weather Channel but I was totally mistaken. This is a father and son team.  They don't chase the storms they get in areas ahead of the storms to assist residents before, during and after the storms hit an area.

You need to read Storm Runners to get into the beginning of the trilogy. This is an easy and quick read.  I would recommend it to students who really don't like to read ( high interest/low vocabulary) Each chapter begins with a time of the day it heightens the anxiousness of preparing for this storm to come. READ its a good story so far. so many surprises and strength of 3 teenagers.

Storm Runners- The Surge , is the 2nd book in the series.Chase, Nicole and Rashawn have made it to to Nicole's farm. There is destruction of the family home and many of the circus animals are out wandering the farm, Pet, the elephant is about to give birth. and the water from the hurricane is rising.  Chases' dad, John and Tomas plus a news crew have also reached the Rossi farm while navigating through the hurricane. But all of a sudden a message comes from the Rossi circus and Tomas family is missing. The Storm Runners are on the run once again.

Storm Runners-Eruption   This is the 3rd book in the trilogy. The Rossi traveling circus is in trouble, so is Tomas' family all are in Mexico. Chase and John, and Tomas with Nicole and news crew go to Lago Mexico where a volcano is erupting.  Chase finds out his dad's occupation before going into the construction business. Will the Rossi circus be found, is Tomas' family safe?

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