Sunday, February 3, 2013

Panic Button by Kylie Logan

Button Box Mystery # 3
Josie Giancola, owner of the Button Box shop, knows her buttons. But when she comes into contact with a rare charm string, she never imagines it will lead to murder…

Josie is approached at her shop to appraise a very rare item—a complete charm string. In Victorian times, girls strung buttons on long strings to make the charms. Once the string reached 1,000 buttons—no two alike—the legend was that the owner would meet her beloved.

But the owner of this charm string is not looking for love—she’s desperate to donate the piece to a museum and be rid of it. She believes the string is far from charmed—it’s cursed. When Josie finds the woman strangled with the charm string, she doesn’t know whether the curse is real…but the killer certainly is.

Being a former Home Economics teacher and now a Librarian I am drawn to buttons, embroidery and books. I love the way the author brings in the history of buttons and now button strings. I remember growing up and when shirts wore out I had the job of cutting off the buttons and putting them in a button box. I wish I knew what happened to my Mom's button box. There maybe a few valuable buttons in that box.
Now to wait for Button Box #4 

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